A frustration I have found in many of my relationships, and what many of my women friends long for, is men who can stand in their truth.

Speaking truth holds a masculine energy in that it is powerful, direct, it opens a space for what is. It exposes raw vulnerability.

Does it take courage to speak truth – hell yeah! But this is what strong women want – speak your truth to us men!

I had an experience when a man, who I was in an intimate relationship with, had sex with another woman and when I called him to sit with me, look me in the eyes and speak his truth, he said he ‘had not wanted to hurt my feelings!’

Please note, dear men, that this is the most infuriating thing for a strong woman to hear. We don’t need protecting and please don’t pretend you are doing this. What you are in fact doing is not owning up to your lack of balls to stand in your truth.

As conscious women, we want conscious partners to journey with. We want all the information of what is moving for each of us to be seen and held. This helps us to navigate the journey. Most of the time, what is unfolding is not what it seems. When we move beyond the ego, there is always a bigger picture of what Spirit is trying to show us.

Men, please know that truth is your power; it is your sword of truth. If you lack courage to be in your truth, you deny your masculine power to direct consciousness to serve and open a deeper space for love.

As women, who are embodying the feminine, our greatest longing is for connection – this is where we feel ourselves as love; this is where we feel ourselves FULL and in our joy.

Denial or lack of truth breaks connection. As intuitive beings, we feel it before it is even spoken. If you speak truth, no matter how painful, the connection to authenticity remains. Allow us to grieve, if that is what we need to do. Do not be frightened of our expression. It will pass. And it will have supported us to navigate the learning in the pain or grief. We will grow and expand deeper into knowing ourselves and this is how you serve love.

So why do men choose not to be in their truth in relationships? They are often using their sexual energy to take from women for their own needs – a need to feel needed, valued, wanted. It is usually to fill a void within themselves, something they are not quite ready to fully own and take responsibility for.

Yes, sexual energy is powerful – you can feel ‘led’ by it. But there’s the work. It is to draw your sexual energy up from your genitals into your heart. It is learning to harness the power of your sexual energy and use it to only serve love.

Love and truth work together.
Truth creates the container for love.

Iona Ruth