When, tell me, 
Did the Group become The Box?
At what point did we
Quash our own Tumultuous Fire
into the Life-sucking Mouth of the 
Give me an Axe
to smash this Fetid Cage!
Let me Liberate the 
Unique Flames of
Pandora’s Holy Grail.
I will drink your 
Feisty truth,
Polona Aurea of the Dawn.
Break you Solar Rays
Upon my head 
And Christen me
to the Nascence 
Arrow of the Pack.
Here my collusion ends
with the Phallus
Devoid of Power to Penetrate 
Gaia’s Fertile Void.
Look me in the eye, 
Group heart.
See Our Soul on Fire.
Stand in my Flames
As I stand in Yours,
Let’s allow each Spark
Of Difference 
to melt the Chains that Bind.
Let Judgment and Projection
Be the Inner Gold we find.
Let’s birth the Warrior of this New Age,
Offer Flame 
To Kali’s Fire.
Bear together, 
Breath together, 
And See Our Diamond