29 January 2018

A man I loved
Once love me back.
Connected, intertwined laughter,
Minds met, desire.

But I missed him –
the first time we had sex.
I couldn’t feel the depth of us.
I couldn’t feel!

Frustration tears at the
Tattered strings of something
I know I miss
but do not

How do I access Her?
The ability to feel?
Fully with my body,
my heart,
and yes,
my Soul?

For I will not live this half-baked lie.
So I left to find Her.
Wedded myself to the mission.

It was twelve long years before
I breathed her into Being.
I found her sleeping
in the small of my back.

She opened my body with her
Unfurling, Uncurling, Dragon-
breath – Up my spine
to mate with her mate
in the ecstatic sweetness
of my Being.

And I became Dragon,
The Oneness of them.
Fire Breathing, She.
And now I wonder,
Who has the courage
to Fly with me?