I  have spent the last seven years exploring the feminine energy – which for me is learning how to fully feel – in my body, in my heart, and in my soul.

The journey has opened me up to a state of being where I know myself as love.  My heart feels full and joyful and this is my foundational state. 

What I am exploring now, is my masculine.  This for me is about being in the world.  It is about sharing my fullness and outpouring of love;  it is exploring how I can get this fullness inside of me out.

It is like being in the 40th week of pregnancy – full to bursting; the time has come to give birth and the beautiful masculine is there, holding the space outside to receive the gift of the newborn.

This is a beautiful picture, but how does it play out in 3D reality?

Very simple really… it is doing all those practical steps needed to be seen in the world.  Sharing inspiration as it arises, however clunky, however clumsily – like a newborn taking its first steps.  It may not be perfect but it is having the courage to take them.

It is in taking these first steps that we learn how to walk.  Step by step, brick by brick, we lay the foundation of the house we are building and slowly we walk towards our full expression.

For all your you who have done the inner work, you may be feeling the call to step out now.  I know it can be scary.  There is the fear of being targeted, of not being understood, of having to deal with other people’s drama and projections, of messing up, of failing or looking like an ass.

This is all valid, but you must not let it stop you. 

Know and believe in your own shining heart.  Use your beautiful masculine energy to stay the course and know that, as a Warrior of Light, you are Standing for Love. 

Feel your pulsing heart beating in your human chest; feel it reaching into every darkened corner of the globe saying no to violence, judgment, denial and betrayal and being the example of Love.

So let us be sensitive to each inspiration moving within us.  Let us begin to practice using our Masculine energy to take our inspiration out into the world. 

Do this in a way that feels good to you – although it may be scary, the scary should also feel exciting.  This is because you are expanding into the unknown.  Having the courage to take action will gift you with increased freedom; it will increase the space for your inner joy and love to be expressed in the world.

Joy and Love are found in the Feminine.  The Masculine sets her Free.

If you are feeling the call to step up, I am holding the ‘Womyn Rising’ Space at Woman Fest this year 16-19  August 2018.  This festival holds the policy of Radical participation which is the idea that each of us has our own unique wisdom and gifts to bring.  If you would like to offer something in this space, please email me… iona@womanfest.co.uk

Let the magic begin!