19 January 2018

Do not say I lack compassion,
When you do not understand the
Love I bring….

This is not a sugar-coated love,
This is not a one day, maybe…

I am here as Kali Love,
The fiercest love you will ever know.
I will look into the depths of your soul
And call you into yourself.

I will hold up your shadows,
And all the things you fear,
And say stop fucking around
With your childish play.

You are worth more than this.
You are a King. A Queen.
Step up, Beloved.
Step up.

And, Goddamit,
Do not give me sugar-coated love.
I will spit it out and
throw it to the dogs.

Be that Lion-Heart.
Hold me to
All that I Am.
Pull me up, when I am weak,
And say – You can,
My Queen,
You can.

Let us go together into the depths of Hell,
Lets us demand a place
for each demon,
Let us suck them into this
Belly of us,
And birth them,
Back to God.