Don’t go into your mind and ask ‘What should I do?”
Love doesn’t do that.  It stays here, present, in the Now. It unfolds from this place.
There is no need to ask “What should I do?” because Love creates from the Now moment – it is a natural outflow into doing that doesn’t need to ask.

It does not have the disconnect of the mind.
When you don’t know what to do, return to the Heart; see Love’s open arms guiding you always.
Trust and follow Her.  She is leading you home.

In truth, there is no ‘out there’.  All is within.
All is changed externally by following the heart of love to the Beloved inside you.
The surrender is to let go of the duality of thinking you need to follow the path ‘out’.  This path is an illusion.

Oneness is born by letting this false path go and then there is only one path – the one way to the All.