25th March 2018

The Earth led me forward,
Not this way or that way,
Only straight.
Across the composting leaves,
The crunch of twigs,
Into the bowers
Of a grove.

I did not stop there,
It was clear,
A place in particular
Was calling me.

And then I saw Her.
Tender Tree.
Clad in her mossy green garb
Taking up space
in her own Queenly realm.

Sit with me, she whispered.
I sat with my back to Her.
Turn around, she beckoned.
Place your forehead on mine.

I listened, my sentient skin
Awakened in Her mossy cold caress.

And then she began to speak.
Ancient words of wisdom;
A gift kept waiting, just for me.

She showed me the expanse of love
That I am, reaching from Earth to Sky
Channel of Ecstatic Energetic

She showed me the playthings of
Men and women and dance and chocolate,
Deliciously lapping and licking
Up this awesome life.

This is your playground. These are your toys.
But do not take them to be
Your Source of Love.
Or you will be looking
In the wrong Place
For the Love
That You