Free yourself from the Lie
That you have to do or be
Something for others.
Let go of these chains
which you cling to
as the false meaning of your life.
Watch them fall in clouds of dust
And soar above the choked air.
Follow your Heart Up, 
To the sweet smell of Spring
Bursting forth Peonies from
this, your Love, set Free.
Your only task, see it in my eyes,
is to follow the Passion of your Soul – 
to let it lead you in a dance
through the garden of your Being
Until smiling and full,
You fall upon the soft bed of 
Bountiful nature and 
make love to Divinity for all 
Soar Sweet Phoenix,
in Sexual Rapture at this Euphoric Life.
Lifted high on Dragons breath 
And purifying flame,
Released are the false impressions
that had you believe
Life had to be complicated.
Sink into the Sweet Simplicity of Knowing – 
All that is asked is to Love;
And follow the honeyed nectar of life’s longing 
Into the Oneness of God.