This morning I woke up with Prometheus’s fire in my hand so of course I had to figure out what to do with this…Step 1… Look up who this guy is…
In Greek mythology, Prometheus stole fire from the gods to give to Humanity.  He was punished by Zeus and bound to a rock where each day an eagle (the emblem of Zeus) was sent to feed on his liver.  The liver (seat of emotions) would grow back overnight to be eaten again the next day.  It is Hercules that eventually frees Prometheus by slaying the Eagle.
We have been manipulated by the false Gods (Anunnaki – represented by Zeus) who have kept our ‘fire’ from us.  
Fire is necessary in the Alchemical process of transmuting our human body into our Spiritual form.  To access the Fire, it is necessary to descend into the Dark Womb – the Void.  In this place we are consumed by the Sacred Fire – this is the alchemical process necessary for the death of the old form and the birth of the new.  It is the Phoenix Rising.
To free ourselves from the matrix, it is necessary to undergo this process.  Fighting the matrix will not free us – it will only keep us locked into their game.  We have to ‘eat the forbidden fruit, face our conditioned fears and walk into the Flames.
Like Prometheus, we need to ’steal’ back our Fire through this descent.  It is through our fear (linked to the emotions / liver) that we are held in fear that if we reclaim the fire (our Full Spiritualised Power)  we will be punished.  However, like Hercules, we need to find the courage to break the chains that bind and free ourselves from these emotional fears that it is not safe to bring our Fire to the world.