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Lunar & Menstrual Cycle

Learn to work with your body's natural rhythm & its connection to the Moon. See your monthly bleed as a gift (rather than a curse!)

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Sunday 3rd April 2019

What to Expect!

The focus of this months red tent will be on new beginnings – clearing out the old to make way for the new.  We will explore this through guided visualisation, journaling, oracle cards and a talk by Catherine Hale on Vaginal Steaming (our physical clearing!)

The Red Tent is open to all Women who have started their Menstrual Cycle.  It is also open to woman who have stopped cycling.

The intention is to create a mutually supportive circle of women of all ages, who can benefit from each others wisdom and compassion.

It is also a place where young women, who are gifted their first bleed (Menarche), will be invited into the Circle of Women to celebrate their Womanhood.

Catherine Hale will share her passion ....​

• You’ll learn the contraindications for steaming 
• You’ll have an opportunity to ask questions
• You’ll see how a vaginal steaming session is set up


This ancient practice used by women from across the globe has been resurrected in the west and its users are seeing remarkable results.

• Healthy periods with no brown blood, pain or cramps
• Increased fertility
• Easier postpartum period
• Increased and softer connection to the pelvis
• Increased feelings of relaxation and wellbeing, especially for women who have experienced sexual  abuse or violation
• Decrease in fibroids, some cysts and endometriosis
• Decrease in vaginal infections
• Decrease in vaginal dryness