Sexual Gateways to Freedom and Love

About the Course

The Sexual Gateways to Freedom and Love takes your on a journey through the physical and energetic gateways within your sexual anatomy releasing blockages that prevent the full flow of life force within you.

It is a process of becoming conscious of the beliefs you hold that may be preventing you from opening to your ability to fully feel (emotionally and physically in your body). This activates the Feminine energy which brings the feelings of joy and love.

You then work to bring this into your life in practical ways (the masculine energy), which allows your inner fullness to be expressed in your life, which expands your freedom.

As you begin to activate these energies, what you are doing is asking to live your fullest life: know your greatest potential and be in service as Love. It is a journey to activate the triple aspects of Power, Love and Wisdom (the Alchemy of Sacred Union).

An Ecstatic Journey to Awaken your Body & Soul

What you will receive

Course Dates

Start: New Moon – 6th January 2019

End: Full Moon – 19 April 2019

Duration: 15 weeks

Payment Option

  • £347  One-off payment
  • 15 Weekly payments of £24 (Total Cost £360)
  • 4 x Monthly payments of £90 (Total Cost £360)
    * Early Bird Discount £299 (to be paid in full before 6 December)


“I am so hugely grateful for your gifts and what you bring to this earth. It has been hugely impactful; so sacred and beautiful.”
Sabina Rademacher
Intercultural Relationship Coach
"I've always experienced Iona as being rooted in love and grace at a level that allows me to drop into expression, without concern of judgement or recourse. I chose to work with her around sexuality, so I could navigate the places of me that needed mining, without holding back. She is a joy to work with."
“Iona’s sensitive presence enabled me to enter into the Gates process in a safe, yet powerful way. She was able to hold a space for me which was flowing and truly feminine. I will embrace the sacredness of this and draw upon it.”
Counsellor & E.F.T. Therapist

The Facilitator

Iona Ruth

Iona is Passionate about removing the blocks to allow expansion into deeper levels of Freedom, Love, Joy and Wisdom.  She very much lives what she teaches and shares from her passion and experience.

“As a Sacred Union Facilitator, I support you to integrate your Masculine and Feminine energies so Joy and Love can be your foundational state, you can harness the power of your Sexual Energy and have the Freedom to create a life that is Fully Expressed!”