This morning I was visited by a Golden Dragon – the Imperial Dragon; this is the Dragon that has integrated both the Masculine and the Feminine Aspects.  Dragon is a holder of the Gold of the Earth.   This ‘gold’ is stored as information which is able to reprogram our DNA from 2 to 12 strands.
The Earth contains ‘codes of information’ written into all its matter – information in the stones; plants; oxygen; animals.  We are able to absorb these codes by connecting with the Earth in a conscious way – either through consciously digesting its herbs; shapeshifting with animals and plants through shamanic means; connecting with them more subtly to ask them their message; consciously connecting with the sun and absorbing its light codes into our skin; third eye and genitals; flowing with the information of water when you swim or bath; consciously breathing in oxygen and letting it revitalises and reprogram your cells.
All of this information impacts on our nervous system and endocrine system which releases electrical impulses and hormones into our blood. Blood carries our DNA signature; this starts to evolve our DNA from 2 stranded to 12 stranded DNA matrixes.
I invited the Golden Imperial Dragon to make love through me and to bring the ‘Earth Codes’ (Gold) into my body.  S/he activated certain points, in particular, my g-spot, just by holding a point on it. The g-spot is connected to fluids (we can ejaculate from our g-spot) and fluids (blood/water/semen) is how information is carried around and dispersed.
I started to breathe through my yoni from the Earth, breathing it up in the Toroidal motion, out through the 12 chakra points, activating the 12 stranded DNA matrix and back down into the Earth.  The Dragon Him/Herself came through this field opening the Pillar of light from root to crown – she can do this as S/he holds the Unified energy of both masculine and feminine.
I continued to breathe, moving the energy in this way.  I am conscious that I had to first bring into my womb what I was resisting in my life – my part-time job; taking care of my children when I didn’t feel like it – I had to breathe them all into my womb and out through the pillar of light; then came rocks, plants – all matter from the earth.  I continued to breathe it through.
As the sexual energy built up, the Earth herself was sucked into my Womb (a big ball of a planet).  I was fully ‘pregnant’.  At this point, the movement of energy shifted and began to move the other way.  I became the Vessel, receiving from Spirit as the energy moved down into my vessel, into my womb, nourishing the Earth within it.
This is an offering of how we can support our Beloved Gaia with Her (and our) rebirthing process at this time.