Iona has the gift of sensitivity and intuition wrapped up in a delicious and knowledgeable casing of conscious touch.  I felt safe in Iona’s hands and was able to immediately relax and let her follow her own inner guidance. I have been having some tension and pain patterns presenting for some time in my womb and it was quite an experience to be touched so lovingly in this area that has so often been troublesome for me.  There are many rich twists and turns to this wonderful womb massage, one doesn’t quite know what’s going to happen next but within that not knowing and vulnerability I never once felt unsafe.  Only taken to exactly where i needed to be in a nurturing delicious rhythmic flow.
Melanie Philip, Bowen Therapist and Quantum Touch Practitioner

Magical is just one word to describe Iona work. But magic can look different to everyone. For me it is a culmination of space and time through touch in my body. It is knowing that every single experience is a coming home to myself. I am not giving my power away I am discovering the power inside my body and that experience is priceless. Thank you
M. Garcia

Iona has a natural healing ability.  She is very intuitive in her work and confident in her treatments.
Heather Flight, Shiatsu and Sports Massage Therapist, Owner Core Wellness

These hours of womb massage were so tender and strong. It was safe to open and trust in the holding of Iona. I felt her presence and full attention to me, the precision of her work, the way she would track down my blocks and trace my energy flows, patiently applying herself to what I needed. I feel extraordinarily privileged to have received the gift of Iona’s innate wisdom and training. I felt loved, seen and valued. My body and spirit responded to these ministrations in a positive way that felt healing and supportive.
Suzy Williams

Thank you to the beautiful Iona Cameron for such a powerful and healing massage.  Iona received a profound nine month sacred sexuality and conscious relationship facilitator training with Anaiya Sophia and after that went on to complete all three levels of the International School of Temple Arts (ISTA) trainings.  She brings these diverse and powerful tantric and shamanic skills to her Womb / Hara massage work, offering massage of a high vibrational level that includes shamanic journeying and deep emotional and energetic release.  Incredible, innovative work that resonates with and manifests the emerging Feminine.  Iona is an incredibly gifted woman with the ability to hold a beautiful and sacred space for you to dive deeply into your true feminine essence.  I highly recommend her work to any woman wishing to optimise her fertile power.  Such a blessing to journey with this amazing woman.
Zoe Predergast, Classical Chinese Acupuncturist specialising in Women’s health

Received a profoundly beautiful womb massage with Iona Cameron. I say massage, but what it was was so much more ~ a sacred ritual, a rite of passage, deep healing and holding. Iona is a true gift, a Deva, Goddess incarnated and she weaves her gifts, extraordinary energy and skills into a truly unique offering that I cannot recommend highly enough to all of my sisters. Thank you Iona
Akhilanda Ananda, Life Coach Facilitator, Author / Founder Rainbow Children

I am so hugely grateful for your gifts and what you bring to this earth. It has been hugely impactful; so sacred and beautiful.”
Sabina Rademacher