I went into the woods today and sat in the middle of the 4 elements/directions. I sat as the ‘Dark Whore’ (etymologically “one who desires”) as I wanted to embody all of the suppressed Feminine. I was filled with Sacred rage at the suppression of her power and freedom (sexual essence) and the forcing of this power into shame. 
What I experienced was Sheela Na Gig – the Goddess who holds open her Vulva – this was a large dark Vulva through which all things could pass – it was clear that all are born of the dark womb, this womb is magnetic and draws energies into it so that they can be ‘born into the light’. 
Our conditioned fear of the Dark Feminine has meant that we have scurried for the light, not understanding the true power of the Dark – that it is a portal for birth and it is only through this portal that we can access the true light (that which has been born of the dark) I have been ‘holding the cross’ in the last couple of weeks – holding the lower vibrations (bottom of the cross) up with the higher vibrations (above). 
Today I was told that I no longer have to ‘carry the cross’ i.e. hold these lower vibrations in this way, which has been truly gruelling. Instead, I have been told to be the dark womb, the magnetic womb that draws all to it effortlessly, like a wormhole that births all through it to the other side. 

There is no ‘effort’ to shine the light (which drains personal energy) for the dark womb births the light naturally. When I went to the beach after this ritual, I was gifted a stone which looks like a dragon eye on the one side – when you turn it over, the small hole opens into a very large one with a birthing canal on the other side. Time to look the dragon in the eye.