When you seat yourself at Earth’s core – you are essentially in the Driver’s seat of the Planet.

Earth has been controlled by external forces (Anunnaki) who manipulated the Web of Life into a Net at Zero Point (the moment between 1BC and 1AD) (The Pleiadian Agenda, Barbara Hand Clow).

In order to control us, our stories have been manipulated. We have been told that to ‘go down’ or descend is to go ‘to hell’ – that we should ‘go up’ and ‘seek the light’. We have been kept from our true power by being indoctrinated to fear the dark, but the dark is our primordial home – it is the Womb of the Great Mother from which all organic Life is born. For fear of the ‘descent’, we have not been in the driver’s seat of our own planet.

But now we have just passed our drivers test, and it is time to get behind the wheel.

Descending into the Earth’s core is like sitting in Spaceship Mother Earth. You regain your multi-dimensional nature. From here, we can steer our Planet ship through the Galaxy and interact with other Multi-dimensional Life forms through the Web of Life. The Web of Life is meant to act as a multidimensional highway of information exchange between planet Earth and other Life forms in our Galaxy. This has been hidden from us for too long and we have been ignorant of our power and our purpose. We are here to participate in the Great Cosmic Unfolding as conscious Beings on a conscious Planet.

Within these depths, we too will find our Sexual Energy. This is raw creative power that we can channel through our Vessels and enrich and empower the Web of Life with our Life force and intention which translates into Light within the Web. This is essentially building the library of Gaia, strengthening Her and setting the trajectory of our Evolutionary path – we get to choose and to steer our ship by how we build our Web. This Web is how we correspond with other Multidimensional Life forms – they can read us through the Web and send their own Cosmic Rays of Love encoded Light into our Web in response (It is like a multi-dimensional high way). In this way, we assist each other through mutual co-operation and the energy of Love.

I have seen the old ‘Net’ in tatters – like an old Spiders Web blowing in the wind. Pachamama has said that she has no interest in fixing the old. We have Grandmother Spider – the Master Weaver in our midst (She is an Archetype that lives in each one of us) and She is able to spin a brand new web.

Let us take a journey to visit the control centre of our Gaian space ship, get behind the wheel and take our proper place in the order of things.