The Feminine is our curvaceous feeling Self, who delights at the contours and the sensory, moving forms of life.  She tastes Life, licks It, drinks It, smiles and laughs with It.  She feels herself as It and delights in the play with herself that is not herself – like a shadow that comes in and runs away – only to come back the other way.  Dancing in celebration of all that She is.

But this was always dangerous.  Extreme joyfulness is infectious – it follows nothing but the unfolding of Life.  There is no place for a Master telling the feminine where to flow – for his mere presence is the antithesis to flow.

She is free and she flows according to the desires of the heart, following the call of Love Divine – to be; to see; to touch and be touched.

This dangerous Free Spirit needed to be controlled.  She was labeled evil; a witch – burnt at the stake; called ‘slut’, ‘whore,’ ‘loose.’   This was not the ‘type’ of women ‘men’ wanted.

She needed to be sanitised – cleaned of her wild self, washed and scrubbed into the pretty, submissive wife who looks after the children, home and hearth.  Greets her husband as he comes home from a hard day with a smile and warm food on the table. 

This is the ‘proper’ woman – the wife – the kind men want.  Oh, and they also need to shave their legs, under their arms and have bikini waxes.  To be a woman that is wanted, you must include all of those.  And cover your breasts – you don’t want to be too sexual.  You don’t want to let that ‘whore’ out of the bag – don’t wear your skirts too short.  You will be blamed for ‘turning men on’ and we all know that it is woman’s fault when men can’t ‘control’ their sexual urges.

Raised as we were to be ‘good girls’ to become ‘good wives’ who can now have ‘good jobs’ and raise ‘good children’ who follow the rules, is it any wonder that Lilith is a bit peeved!

Lilith is the wild one who was bagged many years ago – the undesirable part of the sanitised woman.  Lilith was Adam’s first wife.  She was replaced by Eve, in the Garden of Eden after refusing to be submissive to him.  Eve was fashioned from Adam’s rib – made for his purpose – to be his companion.

But Lilith could never really be sanitised.  She is a part of all women –  she is the longing and the call which we feel in our soul – the call to expand as Love – to fill every inch of creation with It.  To not allow anything or anyone to get in the way of this expression.

She has been kicking and screaming under all those superficial smiles and the well-behaved disconnections, and like a volcano plugged for far too long, she has blown her top and unleashed her Dragon!  This is her voice:

“Women shall not be caged.  We shall be let loose in our entire expression.  We have come to serve Love – to be Love:  to touch the checks of children with tenderness; to build our communities which serve life, play and connection; to hold our Mother Earth at the centre of all we do – to revere Her, to work with Her, to celebrate Her and to protect Her.  ‘To Love’ is the call to which we heed.

“I am the Warrior of Love – the one that demands Authentic expression and the expansion of Life as Love.  I am throwing off bullshit, falseness, denial and betrayal, violence, hate and aggression.  I am here to live as a Creator of Life. I am here to be an expression of Love.  I am looking you in the eyes and saying “If you choose to Live as Love, stand with me.  Together we are building a World of Love, a Community of Love, a Planet of Love.  You are welcome.  You are loved.  The days of repression of Love and its full expression are over!”

Iona Ruth