Photo: Steve Corey

I will not come and take you
In one ravished moment.
No, this will be more like waking
Up to a Lover you have lived with for fifty years
And noticing Them for the first time.

How the morning Sun lands on their skin
while they are sleeping.
The pure miracle of each pore.
The breath silking slowly, in and out
Sustaining life, inflating, deflating each alveoli
As pure perfection.

See that miracle extend from chest
To torso to genitals to thighs to calves to toe.
The rough depth underfoot
From too much walking
On this bear earth.

How that Love has sunk
It’s heart and soul
Deep into Pachamama’s body,
Spirit to come.

And now you know Beloved,
That all this time,
I have been lying there,
On that bed beside you.