I walked a maze yesterday with my family. We all split up wondering who would get to the temple in the centre first. I set off, determined to use my intuition to guide me.

As I was navigating the maze, my inner voice said, ‘You have to go out to get in’. As counter-intuitive as this seemed, it proved to be right. Instead of trying harder and harder to go in towards the centre, I found my way to the outer most ring, and as easily as a knife through butter, I glided my way straight to the central temple. I was first to arrive!

This reminded me of the paradox of life. It seems so obvious to us all that to change things we see around us, we must take action, but the secret is that it is all an illusion – a paradox, like the maze. This can drive many of us crazy, as we don’t know why we can’t affect the type of change we would like with our ‘external’ actions.

What is required is that we turn in. In our inner realm, we find our true ‘Creatrix’ – we learn that we and everything around us is energy. As we learn about ourselves, who we really are and how to create with the alchemy of energy, we fall into a flow with life force. The change that we would like to effect in the external world, comes to us through clear mind and clear action – it comes to us out of the outflowing of the fullness of our own energetic connection to the whole.