What is the Shadow?  It is the part of yourself that you keep hidden from the world.  Either it is not accepted by society or it is not accepted by you or both.  There is a fear of the consequences that will arise if you allow this part of yourself to emerge. 

Inside you may not even feel that you have a shadow – it is denied and repressed.  When you meet others, you may experience their shadow as that wild, unpredictable part of their nature. Personally, I like people where I can feel their ‘dark horse’.  There is something exciting and untamed about it.

It is in these places where the power is held – the power for growth and transformation – of society and of oneself.  It is the place where we push into the unknown, further and deeper into ourselves bringing the light of consciousness into places previously denied.  It pushes against the edges of the ‘norm’, challenges the old ways and forces us all to question the status quo.

When searching for my own shadow – I initially feel that I don’t have much of one – I am a good girl.  But as I deepen my inquiry and ask where my power is, there is something I can feel – a part of me that feels full and strong and wants to push up and out of myself.  The part that wants to birth itself into the world with a lion-hearted roar!

The Orator, the Speaker, the Leader, the Passionate Progressive!  Why is this part in the Shadow?  Because what wants to emerge may go against the established ‘norm’ – it claims the wild expansive freedom to DO, to BE, according to one’s Truth – to move and act in the moment in alignment with Love; to remove the blocks and chains that keep us tied to the mundane. 

Can you allow this wild horse into the driving seat?  Can you fully integrate your wild and untamed Self and give expression to all that you are?   Can you allow your unique note to be played?

It can feel so big and overwhelming that you may not know where to start.  ‘One step’ is always good – so ask “What is one step that I can take towards giving expression to my Shadow Self?  What is one step that I can take to bringing it into the light?”

As I ask this question of myself, the answer comes “I can create a presentation on Respect, Boundaries, and Consent’ to be played at the college in which I work.  Why would this be a step forward for me? Because I am playing two roles – I am split – the part that I show (a regular woman getting on with my job) – bored to death – and the part that I don’t show (passionate about expanding love and understanding between humans in how they interact with each other). 

The thought of bringing this part is exciting and scary!  It will require showing who I really am.  It will mean stepping out of the ‘safe zone’ and taking a risk.  Every time I have done this in the past – stepped past my fear and into my truth – I have transformed my ‘stuck’ situation and expanded into more freedom and love.  I have made more space in my life for who I truly am to shine through.

Have a check in for yourself – feel into the part that is ‘pushing’ inside of you for expansion.  In what areas of your life do you feel stuck and frustrated?  When you have found it, ask “What is the one step you can take today to free it?”

By freeing our shadow through aligned action, we claim our power to BE all that we are – not only on the inside but on the outside too.