4 February 2018

Beloved Boy, Precious Life,
I feel our cord still connected
You to me and me to you.

I see you now,
Budding into your Manhood,
Growing into your Strength and Wisdom of Self.

Soon, your sexual energy will come.
To know, To love, To take
To enjoy the pleasures of the
flesh and all else
life has to offer.

It is beautiful, this life,
So full of goodness and
plumped-up wonder.

I want you to know the Earth,
To feel Her as you walk,
To respect Her as your Mother
Your Lover,
Your Greatest Desire.

Feel the pulsing of the life,
that connects you, births you and is you.
Protect her with your heart,
And defend Her with your Truth.

And when you see your Lover,
Know that She is not different
from this self-same stuff
which we call Life.

Nurture Her,
As your Mother, your Lover, Your life, Your Self.
Touch Her to open her
To the Love that You Are
So that She might know
She is.

This, my Beloved Son,
Is my prayer for you.
Walk this Earth
Tenderly and in your power.
Sewing your seeds
Of Love.