When we do not yet understand that Love cannot be contained in any one person, then, when that person leaves, it seems that love has abandoned us.  This is what causes us ‘heart break’.  The heart will break itself over and over again until we realise that this is a fallacy. 

Love is a state of being which you come to by being in love with life itself; it is by fully feeling the life force as it moves through you – this opens your heart to the inclusiveness of All things – and you know that you are not separate from this.  This is the ultimate ‘Love’ connection that we all seek and which alludes most of us. 

No human love can be fully free without knowing that love is not conditional on what another does or does not do; it is a choice to keep open to the flow of life force through your being and to love another because you feel unconditional love for all things. 

An emotional connection to someone, linked with a sexual connection, leads to a love relationship.  It is great to know that even if the sexual connection ends, the love connection can continue.  There is no need to buy into the wounds of abandonment.  If these wounds do come up, simply allow them to be fully felt and recognise them as old patterning.  Acknowledged that the life force, as represented by sexual energy, has done its job, and now wishes to move on. 

The purpose of sexual energy is to create and expand life.  The heart energy holds life.  After the initial creation and expansion that happens when two people come together in a relationship and hopefully, augment each other, the energy may complete and wish to continue its expansion elsewhere.  There is no need to take this personally.  See it as a chance to trust and follow life, and the best part is you get to keep the love.  In this way, life force is continually expanding the container of Love – as long as we understand the concept of unconditional love and we don’t think that the ending of Sexual energy is the ending of Love.