Image by George Von Bibra

Someone who looks you in the eye
And demands you meet their Power
Which they hold as a
Mirror to your own.

Not tomorrow,
Or next year.
But Now! In this Moment.

Do not turn away from me.
I will not hesitate to use my Sword – 
This Blazing Flame of Love
That has sealed this pact in Blood
from Time 
Beyond Times

We are Allies, 
Not because of some Sugar-coated Love,
But because I Trust you with my Life,
As you trust me with Yours.

To be That,
Pure Reflection of This,
Mirrored Soul
Which will not waver 
in its Service
To Love….

To Stand upon 
Adamantine’s Vow 
To Dredge the Dark
from Love’s wearied arms
And Spin
The Flower of Life